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Live Chat or Web Chat is an important feature for any website and users find it the most efficient communication channel today. Be it an Ecommerce store, a SaaS product, an iOS application or a corporate business website, Live Chat adds great value to customer satisfaction and helps with sales funnel.

Live Chat not only makes your website more interactive but also allows your current and potential customers to connect with you right away and from anywhere in the world without incurring any costs. Similarly it increases your team’s productivity since one agent can handle multiple customer interactions simultaneously.

Either you are just starting up or already have a running business, we can help manage your website Live Chat and assist your customers with sales, technical or billing inquiries. We have worked for startups, small and medium sized businesses with 24/7, Business hours, After Hours and Weekend Support, 365 days a year!

DOS Sales Support

Sales Support:

We can help your customers with signup / purchase process as well as answer product or service questions. We can also work on ad-hoc basis and assist during times of high volume like product launch or running promotional campaigns.

We can upsell as well as soft sell during a live chat conversation and our previous experience shows a positive increase in ROI when using Live Chat Service for Sales Support.

This type of support is specifically helpful during Black Friday and Cyber Monday as well as Christmas holiday seasons! You can get live chat support for a temporary period or opt for a long term collaboration, no contracts needed whatsoever!

DOS Lead Capturing

Lead Capturing:

We can help you gather sales leads for follow up later, this may include Name, Email address and their phone number. We can also setup pre-chat survey to collect important information based on your need.

Several businesses ask us to work as a front line receptionist, just taking down details for follow up later. We use Google Sheets, Google Forms as well as are comfortable with working with any CRM or system you require.

Our Live Chat system allows us to setup a set number of questions before visitor begins Live Chat with Support Agent as well as we can proactively engage visitors based on specific conditions.

DOS General Support

General Live Chat Support:

In our live chat service, we can provide first level support and our handle all types of chat inquiries, for instance, assisting customers with purchase related questions, resetting account password, updating billing information etc.

We can work as part of your team and offer seamless live chat support. We have lot of experience working with several US, UK and Australia based companies and have worked with Ecommerce stores, Mobile Apps, SaaS applications and several other online services.

We have worked in Zendesk, Freshdesk, Intercom and several popular support systems.

Give our live chat service a try with our FREE trial offer!

DOS Technical Support

Technical Support:

We can offer technical live chat service / support and our team is capable of learning complex systems like SaaS products, SEO tools or WordPress plugins etc. This however, does not include Development level support.

We can be your 1st and 2nd level support. We can help your customers with basic product troubleshooting, reviewing basic coding as well as handle logical scenarios.

Our experience includes providing technical live chat support for WordPress plugins as well as some automated SEO tools.

DOS Billing Support

Billing Support:

We can assist with billing support including ensuring correct membership plan is selected, processing payments and refunds, managing PayPal or other payment accounts as well as doing regular internal audits etc.

We have experience managing $4000 membership plans and have used Infusionsoft, and few other billing systems. We fully acknowledge access to sensitive information and never save credit card details with us.

Our live chat service team is closely connected and we have trustworthy agents working for over a year. We only use dedicated agents to handle sensitive information.


DOS Tier 1 and 2 Support

Tier 1 and 2 Live Chat Support:

We can provide Tier 1 and Tier 2 Support. We have first level and more experienced agents with better technical understanding.

We can answer questions ranging from simple product or service queries to troubleshooting issues and trying to resolve with available options. This does not involve development level support, however, you may contact us to discuss your requirements.

If you have technical team in-house and would like us to collaborate with them and ensure smooth communication to ensure best live chat service is delivered, this is something we do regularly for our clients.

Being in this business for over 5 years, we have worked for a variety of businesses, including:

Ecommerce Stores & Dropshipping Businesses

Vacation Rental Property Management Companies

SaaS Applications

Online Courses

Cleaning Services

Medical Offices

Mobile Apps

Telecommunication Services & MVNOs

Membership Sites

Features offered

  • 24/7 Coverage
  • Build Knowledgebase
  • Canned Responses
  • Pre-chat Survey

  • Automatic Greetings
  • Live Chat Software
  • Live Chat Reports
  • Integration with Google Analytics and other systems

Systems We Have Used


How we work?

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Per Chat
$1.50 *
For low volume upto 300 chats a month
Features include
24/7 coverage
Professional Writing
40 WPM Typing
Pre-Chat Survey
Live Chat Inc Software *starting at $16/month/user
Proactive Greetings
PCI Compliance
300 Chats Per Month
3 days FREE trial
Per Chat
$1.00 *
For volume upto 1000 chats per month
Features include
24/7 coverage
Professional Writing
40 WPM Typing
Pre-Chat Survey
Live Chat Software *starting at $16/month/user
Proactive Greetings
PCI Compliance
1000 Chats Per Month
5 days FREE trial
Dedicated Support
per hour
Dedicated agent(s) with quick response time and undivided attention
Features include
24/7 coverage
Professional Writing
40 WPM Typing
Pre-Chat Survey
Live Chat Software included
Proactive Greetings
PCI Compliance
Unlimited Support
1 week FREE trial

1. What type of chats do you handle

We can provide support with almost any type of business inquiry, this may include pre-sales support, general support inquiries, sales and technical issues and billing concerns.

2. How much is your team’s typing speed?

Our agents can type from 40 – 60 WPM with accuracy.

3. What is your team’s education background

Most of our agents are graduates from renowned universities and few masters as well. In addition to regular education, they have done additional courses to coupe with latest industry standards.

4. Can your team think out of the box and take ownership?

Since we focus on customer satisfaction, we ensure agents take ownership of the issue and get it resolved for customer. Out live chat service team also ensure proper feedback is delivered to clients to resolve any inefficiencies.

5. Do you offer Live Chat software as well

Being Live Chat Inc partner, we can offer Live Chat Inc licenses at 10% discounted price. Also, we offer free Live Chat Inc licenses based on selected pricing plan. See Pricing table below for more details.

6. Do you offer integration with Google Analytics

Yes we offer integration with Google Analytics and other popular systems.

7. What type of coverage do you offer

We can provide 24 hours, 7 days a week live chat support. We can also offer coverage during peak hours, off peak hours and weekends.

8. Can you work in my timezone?

Yes, we can work in your timezone. Our setup currently operates 24/7 and we have no issues working during night or day hours.

9. Can you agents speak multiple languages?

Our live chat support team can communicate in English language only however, we can use Google Translate or other translation tools to manage communication in other languages.

10. Can I see chat transcripts

If you are using our chat software, we can setup additional licenses for your access at minimal price and you can access chat transcripts as well as Live Chat Dashboard.

11. Will I have access to reports

Yes, we will either share weekly reports with you or if you have purchased additional Live Chat license, you can access at any time.

12. How soon can you begin?

We usually require 3 business days to ensure smooth transition of support operations however, we can also start on priority, within 24 hours. And no, we don’t charge extra for urgent on-boarding!

13. Is there a free trial?

Yes we offer 3-5 days of free trial. During trial, we will deliver proper live chat support however, this would require additional support from you. This free trial does not require your credit card information or to sign a contract. It’s a No Obligation Free Trial


Extremely satisfied, communication was open 24/7. Very helpful and friendly. What I loved most about these guys is they never made the same mistake twice! They learn extremely quick

We are working with them more than a year, and they are a great partner providing Livechat support when we are not available. Thanks to them we have 24h/7days per week of Livechat support in TimeCamp! Highly recommened for anyone starting with live chat service or wanting to get it to another level.

They are fast and on point. Their agents finish tasks accurately. Any feedback we have given to them was accepted with great attitude. So far, we have worked with them for 6 months. I would recommend them to anyone who needs support agents.

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