5 Strategies to Drive Sales Through Live Chat for eCommerce

Live chat has made itself a paramount tool for eCommerce businesses. Brands are using it to provide a seamless communication path to their current as well as potential consumers. However, little did they know that live chat for eCommerce is more than a support tool and can drive better sales. It is the new deal in customer support service.

Customers prefer a brand with a live chat option. eCommerce sites might have a chat option but do not know this tool’s possibilities. This service is a customer-grabbing machine and can boost your sales with the right strategy. This blog will share the top five techniques to help you with efficient sales conversion. 

Drive Your Sales with 5 eCommerce Live Chat Support Tips: 

  1. Personalize the CX with Perfect Recommendations
  2. Find Your Pain Points
  3. Optimize Your Checkout Pages
  4. Stay Operational Round the Clock
  5. Play Smart with Canned Messages

1. Personalize the CX with Perfect Recommendations:

Customers wanting a personalized experience is not news. Forbes published that 71% of consumers feel frustrated when a shopping experience is impersonal. Consumers are likely to return to a brand that provides them with personalized product recommendations. You may have experienced it in email marketing; however, this is the time you take advantage of it via live chat too. You can send your customers a filtered link that would take them to the suggested product or service. However, do not overwhelm people with lots of suggestions.

The “live” in live chat is the reason why many people prefer it. Who would not want his issues resolved in real-time? You can’t automate it because speaking to a bot is worse than having no personalized experience. In addition, you can make their experience better through honest communication. For instance, if it will take time to search for something, do not leave your users hanging but request them nicely to give you some time.

Remember to keep interacting to find what your customers want to make the right suggestion. If they do not like what you recommended, delve deep until you get a clearer answer. However, do not frustrate your customer with unnecessary questions.

2. Find Your Pain Points:

Having customers on your chat panel means they have come for an answer or solution. Attentively listening to your customers will help you find pain points that assist in converting the conversation into a purchase.

Companies can obtain quality customer data with the help of chat’s interactive nature. To illustrate that, if many users are jumping in your chat inquiring about the delivery charges, then it hints that there is something wrong with your rate sheet. Similarly, you can add videos about your product usage or include detailed service descriptions, so your customer feels self-helped. Pain points are what will assist your brand in boosting your sales.

3. Optimize Your Checkout Pages: 

Without any second opinion, checkout pages hold great importance as it is what confirms a purchase. However, many customers face various issues when checking out. Therefore, you need to optimize it to help people make a purchase without any issues.

You might think that you already have a great checkout page as you are getting a lot of orders. However, have you bothered taking a look at your abandonment ratio? Most brands are experiencing an abandonment rate of more than 69%. It means that your confirmed order rate would have been a lot higher than you have right now if you could reduce the cart abandonment rate.

One of the best ways to help it is by integrating live chat on your checkout webpages. So, whenever your customers are having difficulty, they can quickly seek your help via live chat for eCommerce consumers. Whether they have a query about shipping or return policy, chat makes their and your life easier.

Do not bother your customers with unexpected pop ups. You might be thinking that you are helping them, but it actually annoys them. How would you feel if someone is constantly poking you when you do not require their help? Instead, make your chat button clear so they can feel you are available with just one tap. So, if you are looking to up your game, add a chat option on your checkout page.

4. Stay Operational Round the Clock:

Another thing on the list to increase your sales is your availability. You can step apart from the competition by being there for your customers at all times. Customers are most active after office hours or on weekends as they also have to work. Imagine the number of prospects you will lose if your brand is closed at the same time.

Customers prefer shopping when they are free or relaxed. Studies have shown that eCommerce sales shoot at night or on weekends. So having 24/7 live chat for eCommerce websites is a surefire way to grow your conversion rate. Let your consumers know that your business is open 24/7 and will help them at their convenience. It also gives your customers a sense of control which they love, and it is a subtle factor that impacts growth rate.

Not only does it help with your local prospects but international people as well whose time zones are different. You need to think about going above and beyond, and touching the global market is it for you.

5. Play Smart with Canned Messages:

Customers might feel frustrated with bots or canned responses, but using it smartly will not only boost efficiency but conversion rate too. However, using them for greeting, apologizing, or sharing basic details will save you time. In addition, you can also create shortcut keys to amplify your efficiency further.

Support teams need to know a few things to consider when using canned messages. One of the pitfalls chat agents must avoid is not paying attention to what customers say. You must ensure that you listen to the user carefully. You do not want to send a canned response to a query that requires an individualized reply. Your customer will know in a second that you are using templates and not valuing their time and effort.

If your customers do not feel they are being treated right, they will move elsewhere. Of course, automated chat increases efficiency but only when used properly. So do not overdo them or use them aimlessly. Use the technology to your advantage instead of messing up with it.

Boost Your Sales with Live Chat for eCommerce:

Live chat has endless benefits, and it creates a strong bridge between a brand and its customers. You save a lot of time and create personalized CX, which translates to your success. You might know there is everything to do, but only a proficient rep can perform it perfectly. Are you going to waste a lot of money when it can be done affordably? Many outsourcing companies provide support solutions without burying you under high costs. 

Outsource Live Chats is the industry leader when it comes to empowering brands with highly-trained agents. Our chat reps not only keep your business running round the clock but also cater to the international audience with the multilingual feature. We have worked in various industries and have knowledge of all the markets. You can verify it by using our trial version that gives you an idea without charging you anything. 

Every company has different needs, and no one understands it better than us. We tailor our chat plans keeping your business needs in mind. So you get nothing but an unreal experience with us. So call us today to find yourself the best live chat support solutions. 

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