How Chat Outsourcing Fits in Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

Brands are driven to make a never-seen customer experience for a unique position in the market. Personalization has been the biggest support for businesses in this matter. Live chat is the natural fit, but not without chat outsourcing. Having experts as a part of your omnichannel marketing strategy will not only help you craft an exceptional CX but also boost your sales in many ways.

Omnichannel is hot in the shopping industry and allows brands to develop marketing campaigns around customers’ needs. As smooth as customer interaction, better the profits. You can add a chat option to any campaign, but you need to learn how outsourcing acts as your booster dose.

Chat Outsourcing

Omnichannel Marketing – What is It? 

We will first learn what omnichannel marketing is about. Do not confuse it with multichannel marketing, which deals with multiple channels. However, omnichannel is similar to the former but implements a more comprehensive technique for creating a seamless CX. Multichannel campaigns are more about ads, whereas omnichannel ones act on data collection methods across different platforms. For instance, storing chat history to create future marketing campaigns is part of omnichannel tactics. It is vital to learn about individuals to make more promising personal experiences.

Ways to Use Live Chat Support Services in Omnichannel Marketing:

Having a chat option is already enough to help you go to extents, but having proficient agents will make it look like a dream come true. Chat outsourcing comes off as a blessing for brands that do not have enough resources but want to have experts on board. So, let’s take a look at how it helps in your marketing campaign:

  1. Increase Support Accessibility
  2. Train Your Chat Agents
  3. Strategize Per Customers’ Needs
  4. Choose the Right Support Solution
  5. Personalize the Consumer Journey
  6. Let Chatbots Help You
  7. Track Your ROI

1. Increase Support Accessibility: 

The easier a brand makes it for consumers to interact with them, the more likely they will get in touch. Chat is the top priority in today’s age, especially for youngsters. More than 63% of users hop on chat than other support channels. So, it would be wise to have a chat link on your social media pages, website, phone app, and everywhere possible.

Customers do not want to go through the hassle of picking up the phone or writing a lengthy email with a delayed response. A one-click solution is what is helping brands thrive currently. Having chat support services that act fast and adequately will help customers engage with your business more.

2. Train Your Chat Agents: 

Your support team will utterly fail if you have uninformed reps on board. It is mandatory for team leads to train everyone with the relevant knowledge to deal with customers effectively. An agent must know a product or service inside out and can address queries or concerns without a hiccup.

The most important thing is to help a rep deliver the first-contact resolution and fix issues as soon as possible. Hiring more and more employees will not only cost you more but also decrease your efficiency. It is a big problem to keep training as staff comes and goes. That is why outsourcing chat support is the best decision, as it is the responsibility of your provider to recruit the agents and train them without teasing you.

3. Strategize Per Customers’ Needs: 

Just offering live chat is not enough. You do not want to be like those bland businesses who keep giving the same support over and over again without considering consumer needs. It is vital for you to learn and adapt to their expectations for an outstanding shopping experience.

So what is the best way to learn about their needs? Ask them! Using feedback is the best strategy as it not only enhances the customer service but also helps you design your omnichannel marketing plan accordingly. Gathering customer data is influential in learning about your plus and minus. Chat agents must act proactively when striving for reviews.

4. Choose the Right Support Solution: 

It is stated enough times that an omnichannel campaign is about combining all your platforms. You can easily find tools to integrate customer support with your sales tactics. However, brands must carefully find the solution that aligns with your chat support to craft a cohesive CX.  

Having an application that helps you manage all the channels from a single place will smoothen your marketing campaign even more. Multiple tools will put your focus off track and kill your purpose. Having the right chat outsourcing team will do it for you all while you focus on your core marketing aspects. 

5. Personalize the Consumer Journey: 

Chat support is beneficial for different types of scenarios, and those who customize their support tactics in line with the consumer journey see the dawn of success. Live chat must guide your shoppers through the sales funnel in order to boost your sales conversions. How to do that? Retarget customers with their behavior on your website. 

Not only for retargeting, but you can also use this support system to cross- or upsell your products or services. Do not go in blindly but quantify every step and hit your customers with the best approach. One lousy mistake can turn a great experience into a business debacle. One of the reasons outsourced agents are great is because they have years of experience in customer handling and know how to create the best CX already. 

6. Let Chatbots Help You: 

Digitalization is the process that has helped humankind in various steps, so why not take advantage of it for your brand value? Using chatbots is a great option to help customers with basic queries. It also saves your team time so everyone can design an engaging omnichannel marketing strategy. You also save costs on top of time. However, do not leave everything to them.

It makes a difference but not if left unattended. Most of the time, a conversation requires an empathetic voice on the other end. So, know when it is okay to use chatbots and when to handle it yourself. Integrate them over multiple channels to ease your burden.

7. Track Your ROI: 

Tracking your return on investment of the live chat is crucial. You can measure it by counting the cost of each resolved issue. Then, find out if your chat support saves you more money than other channels. If this is the case, then it is a lifesaver for your budget.

With outsourced help, your team can also track personal performance to stay consistent with success. Along with ROI, track other metrics, such as:

  • First Response Time
  • NPS
  • First Contact Resolution
  • CSAT
  • Sales Conversion

Strategize Omnichannel Marketing Campaigns with Live Chat: 

Customer support is the most crucial part of any marketing campaign. Understanding the customer’s perspective and creating a campaign that aligns with the latest trends will put your brand on top. So, integrating live chat into your omnichannel strategy will boost your sales significantly.

Chat outsourcing can be a viable aspect of your marketing campaign. Having the best chat experts in your team will complement your business’ bottom line. Follow our tactics in order to build the best campaign for your brand. If you are looking to outsource chat reps, get in touch with our team for the best deal.

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