How to Improve Your ROI with Live Chat Support Services

Chat support services are now used by businesses of all sizes, from large corporations to small e-commerce operations. It allows website visitors to communicate with you directly. More than 45 percent of customers prefer live chat to other modes of communication. As a result, it should come as no surprise that 33 percent of users now expect to find a live chat option on all websites.

Live Chat Support

Live chat support is an option provided by businesses to offer immediate assistance to their customers. Implementing a live chat support tool on your website directs the customer queries to a real-time support agent. Who answers them as per the brands’ policy. As a result, they can receive prompt responses and waste less time browsing your website’s knowledge base or waiting for an outbound call. 

Sustaining the quality of customer interaction and conversation is as important as implementing the live chat service. Therefore, you can improve your whole customer service sport with chat support services and make it the right investment. 

This blog will teach you how to properly utilize your chat support service to improve ROI (Return on Investment).

  1. Sustain Your Response Speed
  2. Scale your Chat Volume
  3. Ensure Customer Convenience
  4. Increase Cross-selling and Upselling
  5. Filter Out Your Audience
  6. Learn Customers’ Common Concerns
  7. Master the Art of Communication
  8. Track the Productivity of Your Team

Let’s dive in: 

1. Sustain Your Response Speed 

Chat is immediate. When potential customers visit your website, they may have some questions. Those questions must be answered immediately so the buyer can continue with their purchase. Research states that 53% of customers will back out of a transaction if they can’t get a timely response to inquiries about the purchase. 

The average response time for live chat is 11 seconds. To attain customer loyalty, make your live chat support service prompt by offering instant responses round the clock with live chat.

2. Scale Your Chat Volume

The more, the merrier. You can convert more leads by increasing the number of chats you have. A chat source agent can handle at least 7-8 conversations simultaneously compared to a phone.

While increasing the number of your chats, you should not put behind the quality of your conversation. In order to maintain both, chat support service agents should have scripted responses for every kind of customer. You can also personalize your chat window and icon to engage the customers better.

Using proactive chats, you can engage your audience and uplift them to make a purchase. Proactive chat enables you to text the customers first. Proactive chat should be used on high bounce rate pages to initiate a conversation with customers who are leaving.

3. Ensure Customer Convenience

Customer convenience is the top priority of a chat support agent. Every time you make a change to your company, it is crucial to consider your customers’ needs and whether the change will make doing business with you more or less convenient for them.

Providing convenience requires a proactive mindset, one that actively anticipates your customers’ changing needs. That is why the live chat agents often make the conversation friendly and simple in order to not confuse the customer and make them back out.

Another practice to ease the conversion process is to have the chat service available on all major channels, i.e., web chat, WhatsApp, telegram, etc.

4. Increase Cross-selling and Upselling

Understand your visitor. Catering to customers with the best intentions and acknowledging their concerns can boost the user engagements like no other. Your live chat agent should be skilled in converting visitors into serious customers.

The modern techniques of up-selling and cross-selling help a lot in this regard. For instance, a chat support agent might suggest other products of the same category to a customer.

You can up-sell other products when a customer is considering its options. On the other hand, you should try to cross-sell a product when they have picked their desired product.

5. Filter Out Your Audience

Do not pursue every visitor. Chat support services are a great option for increasing your revenue, but if it is not utilized the right way, it can cost you a lot.

When your resources are scarce, you cannot attend to every visitor who visits your site and have your chat button appear on all pages. It would help if you chose to target and serve the most valuable and potential customers. They may also be the ones which require your assistance the most when problems arise. You can then fragment those customers and approach them individually to cater to their inquiries.

6. Learn Customers’ Common Concerns

Comprehend the prevalent client issues. It is simple to keep track of the interactions customers make with your business using live chat support services. You leave a transcript after each chat, and soon the results are apparent.

You may track frequently asked questions, complaints, and concerns in live chat logs to help grow your business. Some queries, remarks, or worries will come up repeatedly. This provides insightful information that you may use to modify your website and content strategy.

7. Master the Art of Communication

Better customer experience leads to better ROI. Make sure that your chat support agent effectively communicates with your customers. They should carry the conversation like a pro. They should be able to express themselves and be careful with their language and words.

The outsource agent should use a simple and clear style and direct the right tone to the right buyer. Responding to a phone call and text are two different departments. Therefore, your chat moderator should master text-based communication skills.

8. Track the Productivity of Your Team

You certainly do not want your team slacking off while you dream of achieving the best CX. To secure this problem, track the performance of your outsourced agent from time to time to ensure optimum work productivity.

You can also set key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure their productivity at work. For example, you can tell their average reaction time to a message, duration of conversations, and the number of chats per day/hour.

Engage Prospects With Our Chat Support Services

Is live chat all about listening to your customers? You need to foster lasting relationships to benefit your business in the long run. Building customer relationships while retaining them for future purchases is not a piece of cake. Do not sweat over it!

Digitech Outsourcing Solution (DOS) is present at your disposal with its best-in-line live chat solutions. Our team works to provide you with nothing but complete satisfaction. Therefore, we bring a free trial option for our clients. You can test our services for a few days without any cost. This will help you understand our operations better and personalize them according to your needs. Not only that, but you will also find multilingual chat support service agents who cater to your international customers too.

We, at DOS, only believe in giving you an experience found nowhere else. So keep your brand up and running 24/7 with our live agents at affordable rates. Reach out to our experts and share your business requirements for ultimate success. DOS is the partner you need to rule the market

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