Outsourcing Chat Support vs. Chatbots: Who’s the Real Winner?

Live chat is an influential part of every marketing strategy these days. It provides a scalable way to interact with prospects as well as consumers. Its speed is what makes it a great part of many marketing tactics. Some brands are outsourcing chat support, while others are employing chatbots to streamline communication. No matter what, conversational marketing has always helped to capitalize on budding opportunities. 

So live chat helps increase conversion by helping lost consumers on your brand website. So who is the real winner between chat and chatbots, and which one should you employ? We will break down both to find what suits what business the best.

Outsourcing Chat Support

What is Live Chat? 

Live chat is just like your WhatsApp messaging. There is no difference as it works like a text-based thread to communicate with customers. Users see that the agent is typing and present there for their concerns. Unlike email, where a person sends a correspondence and waits for an indefinite period, live chat offers assistance in real-time. Live chat support companies are making a lot of uproar as more and more brands are empowering their team and website with this tool. 

It is easier to add chat support to any of your web pages as well as phone apps. Not only customers, but it also helps agents to handle several users at once. Live chat has the highest CSAT ratings among all the channels. This versatile channel works around the white-glove services but within limited employee capacity and work hours. This is great for small and medium businesses that want to expand customer support for better growth. 

What are Chatbots? 

Chatbots are automated in a way that helps customers with basic queries. It takes a lot of time off representatives and assists consumers promptly. Businesses decide how minimal or extra they want their bots to act. For example, these bots can share additional resources with customers, which makes their experience better. These could include videos, similar product links, downloadable guides, and more. It requires time to put chatbots in action, but they serve round the clock.

You can integrate chatbots on your apps as well as your brand website. However, it is not a sound option when handling complex problems. In the end, a chatbot is a machine and can’t understand human emotions like a human agent. That is why brands outsource live chat support agents to interact with consumers in an authentic, warm way. Consider these factors before using them. So, let’s take a look at some of the main pros and cons of both:

 The Perks and Drawbacks of Live Chat v. Chatbots: 

No communication channel is without its benefits and disadvantages; however, you need to analyze them in advance to go with the best option. Before that, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is your main goal behind using conversational marketing?
  • On what web pages do you want chat services?
  • Why do you want live chat on chosen web pages?  
  • What do you hope to achieve from these pages?
  • How many agents do you want with a set average response time?
  • What KPIs should you use to monitor the tool?

Do not take these questions lightly, as they help brands figure out the resources that will help them deliver brilliance. For instance, a business wanting to boost the checkout page’s conversion rate will find customers with higher purchasing intent. So having a chatbot here that encourages customers will be a good idea.

Live Chat’s Advantages: 

Live chat provides the fastest communication with a live human agent. No sign-up is required, no long, mundane emails, or waiting over the phone to connect with the customers. It is just like speaking to an agent in person. It has been hailed as the most satisfying communication channel. Brands hire outsourced live chat support that knows how to engage customers with tempting touchpoints. It is what boosts recurring customers.

You can customize your chat as per the customer’s preference. Learn the consumer behavior before hitting them up with chat popups. Also, personalize the conversation according to the channel, whether more customers use the mobile app or browser on the system.

  • Fast customer interaction
  • Easily connect with agents
  • Boost consumer recurring ratio
  • Program chat according to your needs
  • Works on various platforms

The Downsides: 

Nothing ever comes without potential drawbacks. So, let’s explore the downsides of live chat. For one, a single poor experience can drive your consumer to somewhere else. Secondly, untrained agents can destroy rather than build strong relationships. Finally, one major problem with this channel is that it demands agents to stay available round the clock with knowledge in all areas. Service providers have solved this problem as outsourcing chat support runs your brand 24/7 without wanting you to hire an additional team.

  • Poor experience affects overall CX
  • 24/7 agent requirement
  • Higher staff number required to handle chats

Chatbot’s Advantages: 

Chatbots have faced much criticism as they used to respond with monotonous phrases stored in the database. This was not helpful at all with complex problems. However, the times have changed, and so has the technology. Nowadays, chatbots are powered by AI. It enables them to create a more personal CX and handle interactions smartly.

In addition, chatbots are faster and can handle multiple users at all times. However, the key benefit of them is to free up a huge portion for your support reps. It increases productivity and allows them to handle intricate issues with a human touch.

  • AI chatbots for multifaceted issues
  • Fast response
  • 24/7 availability
  • No additional team required
  • Save the time of customer support agents

The Downsides: 

To err is human, but the machine errs too when it comes to customer support. No matter how well you integrate it with AI, a person will know when talking to a bot. Unfortunately, customers do not have a great place for chatbots in their hearts, and a lack of human touch will send conversation down the drain. AI is not that upgraded yet, and a chat still requires agent involvement.

Chat reps often use canned responses better than relying on a bot. There have been a few instances where spelling errors were made by this tool. On top of that, receiving robotic and repetitive replies are what makes consumers angry.

Which One is Better for You? 

Brands will not find a one-size-fits-all when maintaining and empowering the support team. One way is to have a unified module where chatbots can handle basic queries and concerns, and agents can step in to address complex issues. However, there is nothing a human can’t match. Given the current AI bot progress, agents still have the edge over them. But, this is useless if you do not have professionals handling your live chat.

Outsourcing chat support is the wisest decision in current times. Do you want an authentic provider? Outsource Live Chats (OLC) has been in the industry for over a decade now, which speaks volumes for us. Our services work 24/7 to help you grab every opportunity you find. We create a touchpoint found nowhere else. Share your business requirements with our experts and find a service plan that falls in line with your long-life vision. So, reach out today to experience affordable and efficient chat support solutions.

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