Advantages of Outsourcing Live Chat Support Services

Nowadays, after voice and email, chat is the third most commonly used communication channel. This effortless exchange promotes the need for engaging with companies just as easily and quickly, but businesses are still trying to give consumers what they want in terms of quality experiences.

What is a live chat support service?

To make sure customers are happy, brands need to adjust their communication methods. Using live chat helps companies stay in closer contact with their customers.

Although live chat and communication through messaging may frequently be mistaken, there are tremendous difference between the two. Live chat is incorporated into your website or app and is an instantaneous discussion, while messaging is a non-simultaneous exchange that takes place over time. Throughout a live chat interchange, the consumer must be present throughout the whole connection. Messaging, on the other hand, often transpires through social media outlets like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger and enables customers to get in contact with companies and carry on with their day, reviving the talk when suitable for them.

As 71 % of consumers expect companies to provide customer service and 56% prefer making contact through digital channels, brands must ensure live chat services are available if they want to increase customer fulfillment and loyalty.

Advantages of Having Live Chat on your Website:


– Exceed customer expectations.

It is a beautiful thing when consumers can find what they are searching for quickly and easily, and this is what today’s buyers are expecting. They won’t tolerate lengthy wait times to chat with an agent or slow emails in response to issues. Live chat helps you join up with patrons precisely when they have inquiries that require solutions. Live chat help offerings that are instantly accessible and available generate a significantly higher customer experience (CX), resulting in an overall satisfaction rate of 83%.

Intentionally, live chat may be implemented to particular pages, or made available at peak times or definite periods, to actively reach customers, aiding in activating languid or hesitant website visitors. Patrons are 3x more liable to make a purchase when connected by way of live chat, affirming that an enterprise grants a stunning customer experience from the beginning. Really, 90% of buyers are disposed to give out more for a product or service if it includes remarkable customer support. Without delegating, presenting prompt, fluent and all-hours client service is complex and extravagant. Contracting out live chat assistance can make a radical difference for your business. Exploiting job markets in multiple time zones, a 24/7 helpdesk can be extended in various languages ​​and across varied industries. Hiring a squad from another time zone can also hand you power: more productive hours. You may optimize your time and complete projects quicker. Improved productivity and high customer feedback amount for enhancement. Your reply rate steers up as your business processes move competently. And your clients are content since you have gone beyond their presumptions.

– Join the preferred channel.

In the year 2020, roughly 1.38 billion smartphones were dispersed across the world. Google Android and Apple iOS consolidated more than 99% of the around the globe market share – thus making it unsurprising that around 70% of consumers show preference to connecting with brands digitally in order to solve issues. Furthermore, some patrons find chatting online more suitable, comprehensible and calming than talking to an alien over the phone.

– Increased sales conversion

Outsource Live chat service can be shaped and activated to join at precise points in the customer experience, a voyage that can be modified and gives intentional, proactive service backing when they require it most. Consumers who shop through live chat are 2.8 times more inclined to switch to a purchase and 3 times likelier to make an acquisition than those who do not. Additionally, 52% of clients are more likely to buy again from a business that has real-time support since they got assistance when they desired or necessitated it most. Live chat incorporated into your website can augment visibility, movement and deals.

– Promotes cost efficiency

Live chat agents are skilled at multitasking by attending to multiple chat conversations at once, instead of the one-to-one interaction of voice calls. This offers cost-savings and adequate customer service, resulting in increased operational efficiencies like:

  • Production time reduction.
  • Call volume reduction.
  • Improved customer satisfaction.

What makes live chat attractive to customers?

With Chat, customers can connect with your team in a matter of seconds.

Particularly among younger generations, choice clients are increasingly seeking to communicate via chat.

Chat tends to have a customer satisfaction rate of over 80%.

The advantages of outsourcing live chat services.

Chat support is an online customer service method that enables customers to talk to live agents in real time, just like a phone call. Although the service offered is similar, providing great chat help requires a specialized technique.

Live chat agents require a distinct set of skills compared to voice support agents. It is imperative that they can multi-task, grasp emotions and be empathetic in the digital world while efficiently responding to multiple conversations without jumbling the information.

Live chat outsourcing partner can help you find individuals with the right interpersonal skills for effective chat conversations. Don’t just ask phone agents to take over the task.

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